Jewellery ValuationsAt J. McCarthy Ltd , we are proud to offer our clients a wide range of valuation services. Our extensive knowledge, experience and training enable us to offer our valuation services via our team of valuers. We understand that jewellery can mean a lot to our clients for a number of reasons but we also understand that there are many reasons why you would require us to value your jewellery. When you bring your jewellery to us, every piece we handle is fully insured, offering you complete peace of mind from the moment you begin using our service.

Once we are in possession of your jewellery, we carefully assess it, using the relevant methods to determine its value and once we have valued it, we will provide you with a written valuation certificate. This certificate can be used to show the current market value while proving that the valuation has been carried out by our professional service.

If you choose to use our service for insurance valuations we charge a small fee and should you require our valuation service for probate valuations, there is also a fee payable for this. However, our fees are competitive while you also benefit from our experience and expertise and that is why our valuation service is chosen by many.

From jewellery handed down from relatives to pieces that you have been gifted, whatever your valuation needs might be, we are on hand to provide a professional service that you can trust.