At J. McCarthy we are proud to offer our clients the full range of valuation services on site for jewellery and silverware. We undertake Valuations for Probate or Valuations for Insurance everyday. Our extensive knowledge, experienced and regularly updated training in this field enable us to offer professional and trusted valuations by our team of valuers.

Every piece of jewellery or silverware which we handle is fully insured, offering you complete peace of mind from the moment you begin using our service.

Once we are in possession of your items, we carefully assess them, using the relevant methods to determine their value which include assessment of each individual Diamond or gemstone, reviewing and researching stamps and hallmarks, weights, extensive comparison to other similar items on the market to ascertain current market value and so on. This is an extremely lengthy and detailed process which we take very seriously and take pride in undertaking meticulously. Once we have valued your items, we will provide you with a valuation certificate with detailed information and a photograph of the items. This certificate can be used to show the current market value while proving that the valuation has been carried out by our professional service at a reputable jewellers on this particular date. This process is required to be repeated every 3-5 years by Insurers. Valuation for probate means that the value is based on the current trade value for second hand items, and scrap value for damaged items. The two types of valuation are not to be confused.

We charge £100 for valuation of a single item, and after that £150 per additional hour. Many other jewellery firms charge £100 per item, so our rate is extremely affordable in comparison to this, especially if you have a large number of items.  The number of items which we can value per hour depends on the rarity and complexity of each piece and will vary. This will be discussed with you and an estimate will be provided. These prices are non inclusive of VAT.