Pearl re-stringing WestminsterPearl necklaces are beautiful and gorgeous but there are times when they might need repairing in order to take it back to its original condition. In those instances where you need repair work undertaken, we are here for you. Our pearl stringing service is designed to offer a professional service that can restring your broken pearl necklaces, ensuring that we deliver the perfect result every time. We are experts in pearl knotting and that is why our service is highly regarded.

Over time, wearing your pearl necklace can result in the silk string being exposed to abrasion from bead holes, body oils, cosmetics as well as general wear-and-tear. So, there are times in your life where you will need your pearl jewellery restringing. We advise everyone to deal with the issue of a weakened silk string before the strands break while you are wearing it as this can lead to you losing your pearls. So, whether your pearl jewellery has stretched over time or it has become worn, we can take care of all your pearl restringing needs.

Once we identify your specific needs, we send your pearl necklace to our workshop where our experts restore your pearl jewellery back to its former glory. This ensures that you can continue to wear it with pride and confidence, knowing that we have taken care of all aspects of the repair work. We take a meticulous approach and we ensure that we use the latest methods because we take great pride in our work and we care about your jewellery pieces.

Our prices are competitive but we never compromise on quality because we appreciate just how important pearl jewellery is to our clients. So, we are confident that our service will continue to deliver the high standards and reliability that sets us apart from the rest.

When you turn to us, we ensure that we are honest and open about how we plan to carry out work on your jewellery and we will always provide you with a cost and a time frame in advance. Whether your pearl jewellery is something that you just simply love or it is a piece that has been passed through the family over generations, we can take care of your needs.

At J. McCarthy Ltd , we believe in our service and that is why we have so many satisfied customers. So, when it comes to restringing your pearl jewellery, we are here for you.