Sell your jewelleryWe have been buying unwanted jewellery from members of the public since our conception. These items could be broken scrap gold, unwanted heirlooms or gifts, or probate estate items. These include but are not limited to gemstone and diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, pearls, bangles, chains, tie pins and cufflinks, signed and branded pieces like Tiffany and Cartier, antique and modern watches and unwanted antique and vintage silverware items. We are always more than happy to look at the items you may have to help you determine value. We buy individual items or entire collections.

We pay higher prices than pawnbrokers as we market the jewellery directly to the end user in our retail store in Westminster and on our website and Instagram channels. These avenues attract buyers and collectors from all over the world who trust us because of our long standing reputation as a trustworthy and honest family run business.

Diamonds, colored gemstones and precious metals are valued based on their size, quality, age and rarity as well as the metal they are crafted in and it’s purity – be that Gold, Platinum or Silver.
Broken jewellery or less saleable pieces of ‘scrap gold’ are purchased based on the purity and weight of the metal. We offer very competitive rates based on the ever changing market value.

The more skilled, detailed and perfect the hand craft of the antique and vintage pieces of jewellery, the greater the value.

The most valuable items to us are Signed jewelry, colored gemstone rings, rare examples of period jewellery and larger antique and estate diamond engagement rings are highly prized today. Ever changing trends influence the demand for certain periods, materials and gemstones.

The rarity of a piece based on our expert opinion makes it more valuable. This might be due to the gemstone content, purity of the metal or unusual nature of the piece. Some pieces are far more commonly seen than others and antique jewellery trends also dictate this.

If we are buying jewellery rather than scrap gold, we will look at the condition of a piece, and although we expect to probably see some wear, if it requires extensive refurbishment work or has been significantly altered from its original condition, changing it back or fixing it for resale can be very costly for us and this will be reflected in the price we offer you. Also bear in mind that the age of an item does not automatically make it more valuable, and it’s condition can very significantly devalue it.

We reserve the right to refuse purchase of any item.
We take purchasing items for our collection very seriously and have a strict no tolerance rule in regards to the circulation of stolen goods. Each customer who we buy from must provide us with valid proof of identification – a passport or driving licence and provide their signature as part of our legal documentation.

We pay our customers in either cash or cheque depending on the total value.
Once the item is sold it could go to scrap that day, so please be absolutely sure you do not want it before selling it to us.